• A sound - Гитарын минь уйлах дуунд - Gitariin mini uilah duund

    Чам руу би харлаа Хэлж амжаагүй хайрыг чинь мэдсэн Гитарын минь уйлах дуунд

  • A sound - Бүжигчин - Bujigchin

    Загасан толгойт хүмүүсийн Зарим нь хуурай өмдгүй Цаг нь дутуу эрхтэнтэй Залхуу миний уйтгар

  • A sound - You cast your spell

    There is another great thing in you Can't imagine how it grows up in you You are so clean and pure as I thought Yeah there is another great thing in you

  • A sound - Shine On

    Stearing at the sun Playing my guitar Singing my song is what i'm doing Stealing all the light's Into my eyes

  • A sound - Lullaby

    I start to singing lullaby But it was just another old melody We always look for peace in mind Where do we find it out Oh tell me where do we

  • A sound - Hey there

    Hey hey confusion gets a connection To your head to your head May be there's a way downstairs That get's to a another place

  • A sound - Forever

    You're gonna leave me here forever And I'm gonna be waiting for you forever You wanna see me here forever I'm gonna be waiting for you forever

  • A sound - Crying

    it's danger in a circle it's a secret like it's name it goes around goes around goes around goes around goes around

  • A sound - About her

    I'm dancing on my pillow Because i'm dreaming about the one About the one I always wanted to be with But she is the kind a girl she is high

  • 30 жил хамт байхсан - A sound - A Sound-30 jil hamt baihsan

    Миний радио надтай дугарахаа болисон Харин би түүнд итгэж чадахгүй гайхсан Гурав хоносон дөрөв хоносон би хүлээсэн Харин тэр надад юу ч хэлэхгүй хэвээрээ

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